It is my belief to maintain
the core values bestowed
in me as a child and
never compromise my
integrity for the sake of a

Heather Jarden
Heather Jarden
Info for Buyer / Seller
My Mission as your agent:
It is my promise to never become a "pushy" Realtor.  My mission to be informative, fair and above all,
always honest with my clients. It is my hope to break the mold and show my clients there are good
Realtors out there and they just hired one!

What you should know:
There is a difference between a customer & a client! Did you know without a Buyer Agent Contract
you are not receiving all of the services that can be provided by a Realtor? Agents in Wisconsin work
for the Seller unless otherwise specified by a contract. It is always a good idea to interview Realtors
before signing a contract to be sure the one you hire is a good fit for you. I also recommend looking
for the ABR logo if you are in the market for a Buyers Agent. This will assure you are working with an
agent who specializes in Buyers.

How we will work together:        
I believe that I am hired by a Buyer or Seller & do my best to be sure that idea is conveyed throughout
the process. Buying & Selling can be an emotional process! I respect that, but want to be sure my
clients are also presented with all of the facts. I welcome questions and hope that my clients leave
the table having learned a great deal about the process.
Heather Jarden-Realtor
"Remembering People Live in Houses"
Working with Heather was truly a very relaxing and enjoyable
experience. She was very attentive to our every need and want. She
worked very hard to sell our house and to find the perfect house for us to
buy. Heather answered all our questions with professionalism and never
made us feel like we were asking a dumb question. She is very
knowledgeable with every aspect of selling or buying a house. I couldn’t
see working with any other realtor.
                                                       Renee Hackbarth